Bastille at Somerset House, London, 15/7 - 2014

credit for the pictures goes to Claire (londresneseraquuneetape)

so me and Ann (hegivesmelaughterlines) met
Ben (ivbenjamin), Lizzie (thisishowitfeelstotakeafall) and
Priya (iwasthematchandyouweretherock) in the queue before the show
so we hung out with them. it was really nice meeting all of you.

it was an amazing show like always. I don’t know but
they seemed to give even more since it was in their home town.
they were all so pumped and so were the crowd.

some of the highlights of the show was of course when we
sung happy birthday to Dan and they brought out a cake on stage
and made him blow out the candles. he was so embarrassed.
also the fact that Ella came out to sing on No Scrubs.
another highlight was when Martin ran out on stage at one point
to fix something and then when he ran back, Kyle gave him a quick
slap on the ass.. and that was just hella funny.. 
they also had live strings and it was so epic and beautiful.

I was standing at the second row so I had perfect view over Kyle
and he was wearing a vest and yes I was dead…
seriously that man and his body.. ugh!

it really breaks my heart though cause now I don’t know
when I’ll be seeing them next time.. and I really miss them
so much already… seeing them live is really the best fucking
thing in the entire world and I just feel so happy that I’ve been
able to see them live four times and gotten to meet them too,

they really are the most humble and sweetest guys and they deserve
all the success they’ve gotten so far. I’m so proud of them
and my heart is just overflown with so much love for them

all these bastfeels here